cunnilingus +‎ -ist


cunnilinguist (plural cunnilinguists)

  1. One who gives cunnilingus.
    • 1958, Joseph Paul De River, Crime and the sexual psychopath:
      He is sexually perverted, a cunnilinguist, with a fetish for the odor of women's sweat and vaginal secretions.
    • 1975, United States Supreme Court reports: Volume 41
      ...a film strip of six frames depicting lesbian love scenes including a cunnilinguist in action and female masturbation with another's hand and a vibrator, and two frames, one depicting a woman mouthing the penis of a horse, and the second poising the same for entrance into her vagina
    • 2006, Nina Hartley, Ira S. Levine, Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex
      It's impossible to be a good lover of women without being a skilled and ardent cunnilinguist. Whatever your excuses or hesitations when it comes to putting your face between a woman's legs, now's the time to get over them.


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