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From use in bawdy puns with the near-homophone cunnilingus.


cunning linguist (plural cunning linguists)

  1. (vulgar, colloquial, humorous, euphemistic) One who performs cunnilingus.
    • 1968, Norton Mockridge, The scrawl of the wild: what people write on walls and why, p. 11:
      Then he wrote: "God is Dead" and "I Am a Cunning Linguist." McLean walked over and asked the man why he was writing these things. "Can't ya read, mister?" snarled the little man.
    • 1970, John Boyd, The Organ Bank Farm, p. 190:
      My love's a cunning linguist.
      His tongue's my greatest treasure.
      With "tu bella" and "liebe dich"
      He bends me to his pleasure.
    • 2003, April Masini, Date Out of Your League, page 156:
      Become a Cunning Linguist – She Loves Oral Sex!
    • 2005, Vibe (volume 13, number 9, page 107)
      An obvious choice to endorse ChapStick, Mr. Smith knows that ladies love a cunning linguist and a moist mouth.
    • 2009, Pat Boran, Flowing, Still: Irish poets on Irish poetry, p. 69:
      Frank Sewell, the most gifted poet of a new generation of Northern Ireland poets stated that the translator goes down on history; a cunning linguist.
  2. (literally, rare) Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see cunning,‎ linguist.
    • 1894, Mary Wharton, translating Benito Pérez Galdós, Lady Perfecta, p. 206:
      An enormous oak shelf holds a rich and choice library; [] Martial, the cunning linguist and wit; []

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