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curb stomp (third-person singular simple present curb stomps, present participle curb stomping, simple past and past participle curb stomped)

  1. To stomp on someone's head, forcing it into a street curb (often while they are positioned with their teeth biting the curb).
    • 2004, James A. Moore, Possessions, Dorchester Publishing Company Incorporated (→ISBN):
      The thought that he might actually get bigger was enough to make most people gape in amazement. If even half the stories he'd heard were true (according to Jerry and a kid they both knew named Tom Murphy, Darby had once curb-stomped a grown man's face for threatening to call the police on him ...
    • 2005, Narrative Inquiry: NI.:
      And fucking, I curb stomped his head and broke his jaw and stuff. And then if they wouldn't of pulled me back I probably would have killed him heh? And just like-they were holding me heh? And it was like "Fuck you."
    • 2008, Joel Krupa, Hold On, Joel Krupa (→ISBN), page 59:
      He could have kicked my ass and curb stomped me by now but simply just took my seat. I hoped for something of a music player, where I could escape from these four guys.


curb stomp (plural curb stomps)

  1. An act of curb stomping.
    • 2010, Gary Phillips, Orange County Noir, Akashic Books (→ISBN), page 267:
      Nothing surprises me—guys with guns, screeching women, unleashed dogs. It's why I carry pepper spray in a little holster on my belt. But this, this was the worst of it. I'd just delivered a final curb stomp to somebody who'd once meant a lot ...