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cut +‎ line


cutline (plural cutlines)

  1. (journalism, broadcasting) In production, a hypothetical line that separates items that will be executed and publicized, versus items that will be cut.
  2. (journalism, broadcasting) A caption under a photograph, or more narrowly just the explanatory text block under a photograph, excluding the title.
  3. (software) In software testing, a hypothetical line that separates tests that will be performed from tests that may not be performed due to lack of time.
  4. (surveying, travel) A linear cleared area through undeveloped land.
    If you stop and get out, you will see a cutline for line-of-sight surveying.


  • Karen Crouse (June 16, 2007), “Injured Mickelson’s Chances of Making Cut Were Fat or Slim”, in New York Times[1]
    But the United States Open cutline?

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