• IPA(key): /kʌts/
  • (file)



  1. plural of cut
    • 1922, The Bride's Cookery Primer, Good Housekeeping, volume 74, page 66:
      Broiling is but another way of roasting those cuts of meat which have a broad, flat surface such as steaks, chops, or cutlets.
  2. (Australia, dated or historical, with "the") Corporal punishment at school.
    • 1995, Bill Marsh, Ape, Old Yanconian Daze, page 110,
      ‘I′ll give you something to keep you awake, McFadyen!’ Ape shouted.
      Meat was taken off to the staff room and given the cuts.
    • 2001, Lyall Ford, Poorhouse to Paradise: The Adventures of a Pioneering Family in a North Queensland Country Town[1], page 55:
      He reckons that about 80% of the boys in the school regularly received the cuts from Mr Saunders so he didn′t feel as if he was being unduly picked on.
    • 2008, Gaynor McGrath, Lemniscate[2], page 250:
      My greatest happiness is that Sebastian is having a good time at school and has never been given the cuts.



  1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cut