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cyber- +‎ genetic


cybergenetic (not comparable)

  1. Created by computer in imitation of life
    • 1997, Donna J. Haraway, Modest−Witness@Second−Millennium.FemaleMan−Meets−OncoMouse[1], ISBN 041591245 Invalid ISBN, page 259:
      In the background is a matrix of her mixed cybergenetic kin, all resulting from different "racial" crosses effected by a computer program.
  2. Of or pertaining to the interface between the electronic and the biological
    • 2004, April 18, quoting Mike Carlson, “Richard Fausset”, in El Camino Is Academic Champ -- Again[2], page B1:
      I'm surprised they don't have some kind of cybergenetic plug in the back of their heads.

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  • Words that resemble cybergenetic closely, but have unrelated meanings, include cybernetic and cybergenic.