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cyber- +‎ pop


cyberpop (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Pop music evoking cyber themes.
    • 1997, Mark Dery, Escape Velocity
      [] cyberpop duo the Shamen fashion an archaic futurism from rapped vocals, fizzing synthesizers, hyperactive drum machine...
    • 1998, Bradd Shore, Culture in Mind: Cognition, Culture, and the Problem of Meaning
      In his carefully orchestrated fusion of innocence and menace, Michael Jackson has become a kind of cultural icon of techno-totemism, a true cyberpop villain/hero.
    • 2004, Pascal Bussy, Mick Fish, Kraftwerk: man, machine and music
      More than ever they are seen as the originators of modern electronic pop music — somehow the bridge between Stockhausen and cyberpop.
  2. Elements of cyberpunk fiction and cyberculture brought into the mainstream as pop culture.