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cyber- +‎ punk, coined by Bruce Bethke as the title of a 1983 short story.


cyberpunk (countable and uncountable, plural cyberpunks)

  1. (science fiction, uncountable) A subgenre of science fiction which focuses on computer or information technology and virtual reality juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order.
  2. (countable) A cyberpunk character, a hacker punk, a high-tech low life.
    The film The Matrix redefined what a cyberpunk looked like.
  3. (countable) A writer of cyberpunk fiction.
    • 1989, SPIN magazine (volume 4, number 10, January 1989, page 50)
      [] cyberpunks like William Gibson, Lucious Sheperd[sic], Bruce Sterling []
  4. (music, uncountable) A musical genre related to the punk movement that makes use of electronic sounds such as synthesizers.
    • 2003, Jan Haluska, The Mathematical Theory of Tone Systems, →ISBN, page 109:
      A more technologically elaborate current of microtonal music can be found at M.I.T and Berklee College of Music, where R. Boulanger works in exotic equal temperaments and non-octave scales (E60 and the 13th root of 3, i.e. the Bohlen-Pierce scale) using the CSOUND acoustic compiler, the Mathews radio drum and various MIDI synthesizers; nearby, E. Mullen performs cyberpunk music in E19 and the 13th root of 3.
    • 2014, Gemma White, Furniture is Disappearing, →ISBN, page 41:
      At Meredith we stayed up all night listening to doof doof cyberpunk music and I saw you cry for the first time, at four in the morning bottle of ice tea and vodka in hand I saw your real face and something changed.
    • 2017, Tristanne Connolly & ‎Tomoyuki Iino, Canadian Music and American Culture: Get Away From Me, →ISBN, page 182:
      Indeed, 'Mindphaser' (and Tactical Neural Implant more generally) represents a high point of cyberpunk in the industrial music scene.

Derived termsEdit





  1. Alternative spelling of kyberpunk


Inflection of cyberpunk (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative cyberpunk
genitive cyberpunkin
partitive cyberpunkia
illative cyberpunkiin
singular plural
nominative cyberpunk
accusative nom. cyberpunk
gen. cyberpunkin
genitive cyberpunkin
partitive cyberpunkia
inessive cyberpunkissa
elative cyberpunkista
illative cyberpunkiin
adessive cyberpunkilla
ablative cyberpunkilta
allative cyberpunkille
essive cyberpunkina
translative cyberpunkiksi
abessive cyberpunkitta



cyberpunk m (plural cyberpunks)

  1. (science fiction) cyberpunk



cyberpunk m (plural cyberpunks)

  1. cyberpunk