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Borrowing from Latin dēpōnō, dēpōnere (to put aside or away), influenced by poser; equivalent of French dé- +‎ poser.




  1. to put down (set down), lay down
    Déposez votre lourd fardeau.‎ ― Lay down your heavy burden.
  2. to deposit (one material onto another)
    Le fleuve a déposé d’importantes quantités d’alluvions à son embouchure
    The river deposited a large amount of sediments (alluvium) at its mouth.
  3. (banking) To deposit (money)
  4. to depose
  5. to file (an application); to present (a document)
    déposer une plainte officielle‎ ― to lodge a formal complaint
    Il a dû déposer son bilan.‎ ― He had to file for bankruptcy.
    déposer un document, un rapport, un projet de loi
    to introduce for discussion (‘table’ in the UK) a document, report, bill
    Avant de déposer une marque, il faut s’assurer de sa disponibilité
    Before submitting a trademark for registration, make sure that it is available.[1]

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