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  1. (transitive) to tear
  2. (transitive) to split, to cleave


Tone class L
Infinitive ukudabula
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular dabula dabule
Plural dabulani dabuleni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyadabula, ngidabula ngidabula ngidabule
2nd singular uyadabula, udabula udabula udabule
1st plural siyadabula, sidabula sidabula sidabule
2nd plural niyadabula, nidabula nidabula nidabule
Class 1 uyadabula, udabula edabula adabule
Class 2 bayadabula, badabula bedabula badabule
Class 3 uyadabula, udabula udabula udabule
Class 4 iyadabula, idabula idabula idabule
Class 5 liyadabula, lidabula lidabula lidabule
Class 6 ayadabula, adabula edabula adabule
Class 7 siyadabula, sidabula sidabula sidabule
Class 8 ziyadabula, zidabula zidabula zidabule
Class 9 iyadabula, idabula idabula idabule
Class 10 ziyadabula, zidabula zidabula zidabule
Class 11 luyadabula, ludabula ludabula ludabule
Class 14 buyadabula, budabula budabula budabule
Class 15 kuyadabula, kudabula kudabula kudabule
Class 17 kuyadabula, kudabula kudabula kudabule
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngidabulile, ngidabulē bengidabula
2nd singular udabulile, udabulē ubedabula
1st plural sidabulile, sidabulē sibedabula
2nd plural nidabulile, nidabulē nibedabula
Class 1 udabulile, udabulē ubedabula
Class 2 badabulile, badabulē bebedabula
Class 3 udabulile, udabulē bewudabula
Class 4 idabulile, idabulē beyidabula
Class 5 lidabulile, lidabulē belidabula
Class 6 adabulile, adabulē abedabula
Class 7 sidabulile, sidabulē besidabula
Class 8 zidabulile, zidabulē bezidabula
Class 9 idabulile, idabulē beyidabula
Class 10 zidabulile, zidabulē bezidabula
Class 11 ludabulile, ludabulē beludabula
Class 14 budabulile, budabulē bebudabula
Class 15 kudabulile, kudabulē bekudabula
Class 17 kudabulile, kudabulē bekudabula
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngādabula ngangidabula
2nd singular wādabula wawudabula
1st plural sādabula sasidabula
2nd plural nādabula nanidabula
Class 1 wādabula wayedabula
Class 2 bādabula babedabula
Class 3 wādabula wawudabula
Class 4 yādabula yayidabula
Class 5 lādabula lalidabula
Class 6 ādabula ayedabula
Class 7 sādabula sasidabula
Class 8 zādabula zazidabula
Class 9 yādabula yayidabula
Class 10 zādabula zazidabula
Class 11 lwādabula lwaludabula
Class 14 bādabula babudabula
Class 15 kwādabula kwakudabula
Class 17 kwādabula kwakudabula
1st singular ngizodabula
2nd singular uzodabula
1st plural sizodabula
2nd plural nizodabula
Class 1 uzodabula
Class 2 bazodabula
Class 3 uzodabula
Class 4 izodabula
Class 5 lizodabula
Class 6 azodabula
Class 7 sizodabula
Class 8 zizodabula
Class 9 izodabula
Class 10 zizodabula
Class 11 luzodabula
Class 14 buzodabula
Class 15 kuzodabula
Class 17 kuzodabula