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See also: detail, Detail, and détail




de- +‎ tail


de-tail (third-person singular simple present de-tails, present participle de-tailing, simple past and past participle de-tailed)

  1. (transitive) To remove the tail from.
    • 1962, Fisheries Bulletin (issues 1-11, page 69)
      In addition, six or eight "freezer-boats," which originally had been commissioned for general fishing, were modified by installing improved refrigeration, thus enabling the whole de-tailing and freezing process to be carried out on board.
    • 2014, Cameron Elliott, Camp Hero: Where Time Travel Began, page 63:
      "The fish has been beheaded, de-tailed, de-boned and is ready for de-frying pan," his Dad announced in a really bad Italian accent.