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de- +‎ conflict



deconflict (third-person singular simple present deconflicts, present participle deconflicting, simple past and past participle deconflicted)

  1. (military) To change the flightpath of a craft or weapon to reduce the chance of an accidental collision.
  2. (computer science) To resolve contradictory conclusions or responses to queries in a rule-based or deductive reasoning system.
  3. To alter (something) to avoid conflicting with something else
    We need to deconflict our schedules to find a time when we can all meet.
  4. (The process of elimination of conflicting objects means to:) [deconflict].
    This was a software patch called "The Elimination of possibilities" i.e. dubbed deconfliction or to deconflict.
    Originator of this word and it's true meaning: Design for the U.S. Navy FACSFAC Scheduling known as: FACSKED... between 1987 - 1995 by Gil Wall

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