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delivery room (plural delivery rooms)

  1. (medicine) An operating theatre or similar room in a hospital or other medical facility, furnished with suitable equipment and staffed by physicians, surgeons, or other medical workers, for the purpose of assisting mothers with the births of their babies.
    • 1951 Jan. 1, "Medicine: Without Fear," Time:
      Too many expectant mothers go to the delivery room terrified of what may be about to happen.
    • 2011 Nov. 7, Jordan Rau, "Test for Hospital Budgets: Are the Patients Pleased?," New York Times (retrieved 16 Jan 2012):
      When the mothers and their babies are brought out of the delivery room, “the postpartum nurse greets them at the desk and starts the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs,’ and how lucky they were to have the nurse in the delivery,” Ms. Callahan said.