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demoscene +‎ -er



demoscener (plural demosceners)

  1. A participant in the demoscene.
    • 2008, Karen Collins, From Pac-Man to pop music: interactive audio in games and new media
      Although some artists still preferred the low-level composing techniques which offered more flexibility and efficiency, such as the game composer Rob Hubbard and the demoscener Laxity, Soundmonitor proved to be an important step...
    • 2009, John Impagliazzo, Timo Järvi, Petri Paju, History of Nordic Computing 2 (page 290)
      The other 8-bit computers of the era such as MSX and Amstrad CPC sold well in certain countries but did not attract the early demosceners in great numbers, presumably due to their lesser popularity and a weaker pirate scene.