Alternative formsEdit


dishwater blond ‎(comparative more dishwater blond, superlative most dishwater blond)

  1. Of a dark blond colour/color bordering on light brown.
    • 2006, Pierce Scranton, Death on the Learning Curve, Elite Books (2006), ISBN 9781600700149, page 129:
      She had a pert, dishwater blond hairdo, kind of like a Doris Day cut.



dishwater blond ‎(plural dishwater blonds)

  1. A dark shade of blond, bordering on light brown.
    dishwater blond colour:    
  2. A person with dark blond hair.
    • 2003, David M. Pierce, Elf Child, The Hatworth Press (2003), ISBN 1560234288, page 1:
      Russ tipped the magazine slightly to reduce the glare from the lamp. The dishwater blond in the picture smiled at him, Russ thought, in just the right way.


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