double whammy

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The phrase is thought to have been popularized by cartoonist Al Capp (1909–1979), in his classic comic strip Li'l Abner.


double whammy (plural double whammies)

  1. (informal) a twofold blow or setback; a series of two events that cause adverse effects
    • 2019 October 19, Robert Kitson, “England into World Cup semi-finals after bruising victory over Australia”, in The Guardian, London: Guardian News & Media:
      Australia had looked the brighter side initially, probing for gaps in England’s defensive spacing and taking an early lead via Christian Lealiifano’s first successful penalty. Their opponents took a while to make any kind of consistent front-foot impression before May’s double whammy inside four minutes banished their jangling nerves.
  2. (by extension, informal) a twofold boon; a series of two events that cause positive effects

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