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From the bubble of air in the glass tube of the inclinometer, a gauge that indicates the submarine's vertical trim.


down bubble (not comparable)

  1. (nautical) having a downward trim (of a submarine); usually follows the number of degrees
    • 1958, Run Silent, Run Deep, 00:01:25
      Two degrees down bubble. Hold her at 60.
    • 2000, Overdue and Presumed Lost, by Arthur MacMahan, page 181
      Dissatisfied with Sailfin's sluggish response, he turned the iron wheel a bit more until the bubble rode backward, indicating that the submarine's stern had lifted relative to the dipping bow. A glance at the calibrations etched into the brass plate behind the liquid-filled glass tubing told him that Sailfin's nose has dipped the required amount. "We have ten degrees down bubble, sir."


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