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From drink +‎ -worthy.


drinkworthy (comparative drinkworthier or more drinkworthy, superlative drinkworthiest or most drinkworthy)

  1. Capable or worthy of being drunk; drinkable; potable.
    • 1954, Hassoldt Davis, The jungle and the damned:
      Whenever the take was drinkworthy, he would do a bit of legerdemain with the coins until they came out to exactly thirty francs, enough for two raw taffias and a generous tip, and gallantly ask Ruth to join him in a short one, [...]
    • 1974, New society: Volume 29:
      When I wanted to emphasise a further important aspect of leading pupil horses to educational water — that the water must appear drinkworthy to the teacher as well as to the pupil [...]
    • 2009, Paul Cartledge, Ancient Greek political thought in practice:
      What makes it distinct – indeed, distinctive, and even distinguished – are the three lines of verse incised upon its outer surface in a local Euboean alphabet: Nestor had a drinkworthy cup – Whoever drinks from this cup [Him] [...]

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