From eat +‎ -worthy.


eatworthy (comparative more eatworthy, superlative most eatworthy)

  1. Worthy of being eaten; suitable for consumption; edible.
    • 1985, Behaviorism: Volumes 13-14
      Fido believes that there is something eatworthy behind the triangle.
    • 1993, Scott M. Christensen, Dale R. Turner, Folk psychology and the philosophy of mind:
      When a creature thinks of something as eatworthy or chew-worthy, for example, it might move toward and ingest it; the creature does not have to wait for food to come to it []
    • 2004, Jasper Fforde, Something Rotten:
      [] positive and non-eatworthy perception of penguins in general?' 'Not insurmountable, sir. If you recall, we had a similar problem marketing baby seal burgers, and they are now one of our most popular lines.