1. duhet (it must, is needed, is necessarily; has to) is the mediopassive form of active do (it wants, needs, loves) (Gheg variant don). All in 3rd pers. sg., indicative, present form. See dua (I want, need, love) for etymology.
    Compound of do (want, need, love) + -h- (mediopassive marker) + -et (it (is)) (personal suffix);
    thus "it is needed, it must, it has to" meaning its mediopassive form.

Possibly from *duh, from *dusga, methatesized form of Proto-Albanian *dug-sa, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰewgʰ- (to be ready, be sufficient) (compare Lithuanian daũg (much, many), Old Saxon dōg (to be suitable), Ancient Greek τεύχω (teúkhō, to produce, make, build), Proto-Slavic *dugь (strength, power).(Can this(+) etymology be sourced?) Alternatively a derivative of dua.



  1. (modal auxiliary, defective) to do with certainty; indicates that the speaker is certain that the subject will have executed the predicate
  2. it must
  3. it has to
  4. it is needed, necessarily