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From eco- +‎ type.


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ecotype (plural ecotypes)

  1. (ecology) A group of organisms, normally a subdivision of a species, that is adapted to a specific environment.
    • 1995, C. Wayne Smith, Crop Production: Evolution, History, and Technology[1], page 234:
      These four Japanese introductions probably were of the Japonica ecotype.
    • 1997, Steven R. Radosevich, Jodie S. Holt, Claudio Ghersa, Weed Ecology: Implications for Management page 78,
      She collected rhizomes of two ecotypes, a northern ecotype originally from Yellowstone County, Montana, and a southern ecotype from an agricultural field near Hollister, California.
    • 1997, Mark R. Macnair, The evolution of plants in metal-contaminated environments, in Rudolf Bijlsma, Volker Loeschcke (editors), Environmental Stress, Adaptation, and Evolution, page 19,
      The more interesting question is, What is the difference between an endemic and an ecotype?