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eigen- +‎ image


eigenimage (plural eigenimages)

  1. (computing) The set of eigenvectors used by a computer system in the recognition of an image (especially of a face).
    • 1977, Harry C. Andrews, Digital image restoration, page 38:
      Various partial summations of the individual singular eigenimage matrices are included to demonstrate the cumulative effect of the individual outer products on the reconstruction of the entire image.
    • 1999, Peter W. Hallinan, Two- and Three-Dimensional Patterns of the Face, page 62:
      The five eigenimage generic model succeeds as well as the five eigenimage individual model in capturing the global shading pattern, though the geometry is of course different.
    • 2006, Pankaj N. Topiwala, Wavelet Image and Video Compression, page 266:
      We assume that the KLT, to a first approximation, fully decorrelates the eigenimages; we further assume that the wavelet transform fully decorrelates the pixels in each eigenimage.