electoral college

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electoral college (plural electoral colleges)

  1. (politics) A body of electors empowered to elect someone to a particular office, such as the Holy Roman Emperor or the President of the United States.
    In Hong Kong, proponents for universal suffrage criticize that the current electoral college responsible for electing the Chief Executive is undemocratic and unrepresentative in nature.
    • 1788, "Aristocrotis", The Government of Nature Delineated; Or An Exact Picture of the New Federal Constitution[1], Carlisle, PA:
      [I]f the reigning president pleases his masters, he need be under no apprehensions of being turned out for any severities used to the people, for though the congress may not have influence enough to procure him the majority of the votes of the electoral college, yet they will always be able to prevent any other from having such a majority
  2. Alternative letter-case form of Electoral College.

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