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From Old French college, from Latin collegium.



college (plural colleges)

  1. (obsolete) A corporate group; a group of colleagues.
  2. (in some proper nouns) A group sharing common purposes or goals.
    College of Cardinals, College of Surgeons
  3. (politics) An electoral college.
  4. An academic institution. [From 1560s.]
  5. A specialized division of a university.
    College of Engineering
  6. (chiefly US) An institution of higher education teaching undergraduates.
  7. (attributively, chiefly US) Attendance at an institution of higher education.
    These should be his college years, but he joined the Army.
  8. (Canada, Israel) A postsecondary institution that offers vocational training and/or associate's degrees.
  9. (chiefly Britain) A non-specialized, semi-autonomous division of a university, with its own faculty, departments, library, etc.
    Pembroke College, Cambridge; Balliol College, Oxford; University College, London
  10. (Britain) An institution of further education at an intermediate level; sixth form.
  11. (Britain) An institution for adult education at a basic or intermediate level (teaching those of any age).
  12. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa) A high school or secondary school.
    Eton College
  13. (Australia) A private (non-government) primary or high school.
  14. (Australia) A residential hall associated with a university, possibly having its own tutors.
  15. (in Chile) A bilingual school.



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college n (plural colleges, diminutive collegetje n)

  1. lecture, class



  • IPA(key): /ˈkolids/
  • IPA(key): /ˈkolidsi/ (especially in the "sweatshirt" -sense)



  1. college (learning institution)
  2. college sweatshirt


This table shows the spoken declension with IPA symbols, which falls nicely into risti -class.

Written declension is more complicated due to the difficulty of combining "college" with risti-type endings. Therefore, it might be advisable to avoid inflecting this word in writing by using synonyms, when available. If one has to, one option is to write as if the pronunciation were finnicized to /ˈko̞lːe̞ge̞/, in which case the word would fall into nalle-category with the exception that collegeiden seems to be more commonly used as genitive plural than collegejen and collegein is not used as genitive plural:

Inflection of college (Kotus type 8/nalle, no gradation)
nominative college colleget
genitive collegen collegejen
partitive collegea collegeja
illative collegeen collegeihin
singular plural
nominative college colleget
accusative nom. college colleget
gen. collegen
genitive collegen collegejen
partitive collegea collegeja
inessive collegessa collegeissa
elative collegesta collegeista
illative collegeen collegeihin
adessive collegella collegeilla
ablative collegelta collegeilta
allative collegelle collegeille
essive collegena collegeina
translative collegeksi collegeiksi
instructive collegein
abessive collegetta collegeitta
comitative collegeineen


Old FrenchEdit


Latin collegium.


college m (oblique plural colleges, nominative singular colleges, nominative plural college)

  1. institution; organization (establishment of people with similar aims/goals)
    college des Cardinaux
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