1485, from Old French emblayement, emblaiment ‎(harvest, crop), from emblaer, emblaier, emblader ‎(French emblaver, to sow with grain), from Medieval Latin imblādāre ‎(to sow with grain), from im- + blādum ‎(French blé, grain), from Frankish *blād ‎(produce), from Proto-Germanic *blēdaz, *blēdō ‎(flower, leaf), from Proto-Indo-European *bhlēdh-, *bhlō(w)-, *bhol- ‎(to flower; leaf). Cognate with Old High German blāt ‎(flower, blossom, prosperity), Middle Dutch blaad ‎(leaf), Old English blǣd ‎(shoot, flower, fruit, harvest, wealth). More at bloom.


emblement ‎(plural emblements)

  1. Annual crops produced by cultivation. Emblements are treated as personal property.