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enlarger (plural enlargers)

  1. Any device that makes something bigger, or makes it appear bigger.
    a penis enlarger
  2. (photography) An optical device used to make enlarged prints from a photographic negative
  3. (rare) One who enlarges.
    • 1846, William Smith, editor, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, London: Taylor and Walton, []; John Murray, [], page 86:
      EUGE´NIUS, who was bishop of Toledo from a. d. 646 to 657, is mentioned under Dracontius as the editor and enlarger of the work by Dracontius upon the Creation.
    • 1880 October, Archibald Duff, “The History of Research Concerning the Structure of the O. T. Historical Books”, in Edwards A[masa] Park, editor, The Bibliotheca Sacra, volume XXXVII, number 148, Andover: [] Warren F. Draper; London: Trübner and Company, page 735:
      In like manner the original book closes, at xxix. 1, with a subscription; and a few additional chapters follow, added by the enlarger of the book.
    • 1996, Suzanne W[hite] Hull, “Preparing Food”, in Women According to Men: The World of Tudor-Stuart Women, Walnut Creek, London, New Delhi: AltaMira Press, →ISBN, page 164:
      Muffett’s book was not a recipe book, but the credentials of its author (as well as those of the book’s “enlarger”) put him in the rare position of being a qualified English physician writing for a lay audience on paramedical matters.