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Alternative formsEdit


From Middle English inwriten (to inscribe), from Old English *inwrītan (to inscribe), suggested by Old English inwrītere (writer, secretary) and Old English inwritting (inscription), equivalent to en- (in) +‎ write.


enwrite (third-person singular simple present enwrites, present participle enwriting, simple past enwrote, past participle enwritten)

  1. To write upon something; inscribe; imprint.
    • 1905, Iowa State Education Association, Proceedings of the Annual Session:
      It is the good fortune of those who lay foundations to so inwrite their names in the annals of the institutions that they found that the historian can neither overlook them nor ignore them.
    • 1863, Edgar Allan Poe, The Works of Edgar Allan Poe:
      What wild heart histories seemed to lie enwritten / Upon those crystalline, celestial spheres!