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  1. plural of ephemeron (transitory thing)


ephemera pl (plural only)

  1. Objects that are designed to be short-lived.
    vintage ephemera
    • 2004, Erikia Ghumm, Tags Reinvented, Memory Makers (→ISBN), page 86
      Vintage ephemera is similar to modern ephemera in that it consists of paper items that were designed to be short-lived. In past eras, people often saved everything from scraps of wrapping paper, greeting cards, matchbooks, paper coasters and other items that could be reused or that held personal significance. Consequently, it is relatively easy to find pieces of vintage ephemera at antique shops, flea markets, garage sales, online auction sites and Internet shops []
    • 2014, Brian Coleman, Vintage Ephemera: From the Collection of Cavallini & Co., Gibbs Smith (→ISBN)
      The appeal of certain pieces of ephemera lies in their design quality, like my tea bag tag. Yet another reason for assembling a collection is the desire to travel back in time and connect to another era. Historically minded collectors may choose to focus on World War II memorabilia or a particular World's Fair or Exposition. The desire to collect often encompasses more than one of these reasons. Ephemera takes on added significance precisely because of the unique, idiosyncratic []
  2. (library science) Published single-sheet or single page documents which are meant to be thrown away after one use.
  3. (by extension) Transitory audiovisual matter not intended to be retained or preserved.
    video ephemera
    audio ephemera

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