See also: escocés and escocês

Catalan Edit

Alternative forms Edit

Etymology Edit

From Escòcia (Scotland) +‎ -ès.

Pronunciation Edit

Adjective Edit

escocès (feminine escocesa, masculine plural escocesos, feminine plural escoceses)

  1. Scottish (pertaining to Scotland, the Scottish people, or the Scottish language)

Derived terms Edit

Noun Edit

escocès m (plural escocesos, feminine escocesa)

  1. Scot; Scotsman (an inhabitant of Scotland)

Synonyms Edit

Noun Edit

escocès m (uncountable)

  1. Scots (language)
  2. Scottish Gaelic (language)
    Synonym: gaèlic escocès
  3. Scottish English (dialect)
    Synonym: anglès escocès

Usage notes Edit

By itself, escocès usually indicates Scots, but context may indicate a different sense or even a combination of senses. In older texts, escocès would be more likely to refer to Scottish Gaelic than to Scots. The use of escocès for Scottish English usually only occurs among those who consider Scots to be an English dialect rather than a language of its own.