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Portuguese Edit

Etymology Edit

From Escócia +‎ -ês.

Pronunciation Edit

  • (Brazil) IPA(key): /is.koˈse(j)s/ [is.koˈse(ɪ̯)s], /es.koˈse(j)s/ [es.koˈse(ɪ̯)s]
    • (Rio de Janeiro) IPA(key): /iʃ.koˈse(j)ʃ/ [iʃ.koˈse(ɪ̯)ʃ], /eʃ.koˈse(j)ʃ/ [eʃ.koˈse(ɪ̯)ʃ]
    • (Southern Brazil) IPA(key): /es.koˈse(j)s/ [es.koˈse(ɪ̯)s]

  • Rhymes: -eʃ
  • Hyphenation: es‧co‧cês

Adjective Edit

escocês (feminine escocesa, masculine plural escoceses, feminine plural escocesas, not comparable)

  1. Scottish (of or relating to Scotland)
  2. tartan (of cloth and clothing: having a pattern of coloured stripes that intersect at right angles)

Noun Edit

escocês m (plural escoceses, feminine escocesa, feminine plural escocesas)

  1. Scot; Scotsman (someone from Scotland)
    Synonyms: (rare) escoto, (especially in reference to ancient Scotland) caledónio

Derived terms Edit

Proper noun Edit

escocês m

  1. Scottish (ambiguous term for any of a number of languages spoken in Scotland)

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