espectáculo m (plural espectáculos)

  1. Superseded spelling of espetáculo. (Superseded in Brazil by the 1943 spelling reform and by the Orthographic Agreement of 1990 elsewhere. Still used in countries where the agreement hasn’t come into effect and as an alternative spelling in Portugal.)



Borrowed from Latin spectaculum. Cognate with English spectacle.


espectáculo m (plural espectáculos)

  1. show, performance (play, dance, some act or series of acts of public entertainment, often live)
    Es el mejor espectáculo en Broadway.It's the best show on Broadway.
  2. spectacle, show
    He oído que hiciste todo un espectáculo.I heard you put on quite a show.
    Vale, ahora sólo estamos dando un espectáculo de nosotros.Okay, now we're just making a spectacle of ourselves.
    Nunca había visto semejante gran espectáculo como eso.Never had I seen such a grand spectacle as that.


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