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From amussis (carpenter's rule).



examussim (comparative examussius, superlative examussissimē)

  1. according to the carpenter's rule, exactly, precisely, perfectly
    • c. 254 BCE – 184 BCE, Plautus, Amphitryon 2.2
      Sos. Ne ista edepol, si haec vera loquitur, examussim est optima.
      Sosia. Surely she, by Pollux, if this woman speaks truthful things, is exactly perfect.
    • c. 125 CE – 180 CE, Apuleius, Metamorphoses 2.30
      Utque fallaciae reliqua convenirent, ceram in modum prosectarum formatam aurium ei adplicant examussim nasoque ipsius similem comparant.
      And so that their deceits might agree with the rest, they apply to him wax formed exactly in the manner of cut-off ears, and prepare a nose similar to his own.
    • 1723, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, De Structura Diaphragmatis (On the Structure of the Diaphragm), Philosophical transactions, The Royal Society, v. 32, no. 379, p. 404:
      Ut autem eorum omnium quae modo narravi, testem haberem ocularem; microscopium istud, cui dictas Diaphragmatis particulas applicaveram, Chirurgo meo tradidi; qui dicta mea cum iis quae videbat, examussim convenire respondit.
      So that, however, of all those things which I have presently related, I might have an optical witness, I passed to my Surgeon the very microscope to which I had applied the stated particles of the Diaphragm, who replied that my statements exactly agreed with the things he was seeing.

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