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Adverbial accusative of Proto-Indo-European *-tis.

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  1. forms adverbs from verbs
    currō (I run, hurry, hasten) + ‎-tim → ‎cursim (quickly, swiftly, hastily, speedily)
  2. forms adverbs from adjectives
    ūber (copious, plentiful) + ‎-tim → ‎ūbertim (copiously, abundantly, plentifully)
  3. forms adverbs from nouns
    tribus (tribe) + ‎-tim → ‎tribūtim (by tribe, tribe by tribe)

Usage notes edit

Verbs stems follow the same modifications when attached with this suffix as with -tus (See the usage notes for -tus where more details are given):

Noun stems may or may not follow similar modifications but the usage of -ātim is here more frequent:

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