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Particularly: “Greek”

as if Greek *ἐξελευθεροστομίζειν, < ἐξ out + ἐλεύθερος free + στόμα mouth + -ίζ verbal suffix + -ειν infinitive ending "to speak out freely".


exeleutherostomize (third-person singular simple present exeleutherostomizes, present participle exeleutherostomizing, simple past and past participle exeleutherostomized)

  1. (rare) To speak out freely, especially in an inappropriate moment
    • 1854, C. D. Badham, Prose Halieutics, page 181:
      The heroes of the Iliad—shall we hide it to live, or exeleutherostomize it and die?—are for the most part boors.
    • 1973, Bryan Stanley Johnson, Christie Malry's Own Double-entry, New Directions Publishing →ISBN, page 12
      The offices of a General Manager of one of the few national banks is not the place to exeleutherostomise.
    • 1974, Paul W. Boytinck, Anthony Burgess: an enumerative bibliography, with selected annotations
      Burgess has had time to add to the world's memorable stock of philosophical conundrums, worldly glosses, kindly judgments, liberating verbal experiments — and when he has been given a decently grateful interval to exeleutherostomize.


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