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exo- +‎ norm


exonorm (plural exonorms)

  1. (linguistics) A standard language forged by non-native speakers.
    • 1984, George Bertram Milner, ‎David George Arms, ‎& Paul A. Geraghty, Duivosavosa: Fiji's languages, their use and their future, page 59:
      And for Fijian - to maintain the 0ld High Fijian exonorm, which has been the variety most frequently seen in print and uttered by officialdom, or to build on the indigenous Standard Fijian.
    • 1989, David L. Gold, Jewish Linguistic Studies, page 72:
      If native or primary anglophones living in Israel travel to an English-speaking country or if they are talking or writing to anglophones unfamiliar with English as used here, they must revert to an exonorm, something which is not always easy.
    • 1997, ‎Mary Esther Kropp Dakubu, English in Ghana, page 32:
      The advantage in being able to do this lies in the creation and maintenance of an endonorm rather than blindly insisting on an exonorm.

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