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Middle EnglishEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Old French façon, faceon, from Latin factiō.


  • IPA(key): /faˈsjuːn/, /ˈfasjun/, /faˈsuːn/, /ˈfasun/
  • (influenced by Latin factiō) IPA(key): /faˈksjuːn/, /ˈfaksjun/


facioun (uncountable)

  1. The way something looks or appears; physical form.
  2. (Late Middle English) The way or design something is made in; fashion or style.
  3. (Late Middle English) Creation, crafting, manufacture; the process of creating.
  4. (rare) One's visage or facial appearance.
  5. (rare, Late Middle English) A manner of behaviour or course of action.
  6. (rare, Late Middle English) The natural composition of something.
  7. (rare, Late Middle English) The way something is made or built.
  8. (rare, Late Middle English) One's acts or decisions.