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fag +‎ boy

Alternative formsEdit


fagboy (plural fagboys)

  1. (derogatory, LGBT) A contemptible young gay man, sometimes partially a term of endearment for a submissive bottom or sex partner.
    • 1996, Stephen King, Rode Madder, link
      “You give the term eat me a whole new meaning, don't you, fagboy? Just sucking his cock wasn't enough for you, was it?
    • 2006, Michael J. Vaughn, Double Blind, page 37
      “Big ol' fagboy, that's all y'are, jus' love a big ol' cock up your asshole. Makes ya drool, gives you a boner jus' thinkin' 'bout that cock.
    • 2010, David S. Schow, Internecine, page 135
      As soon as the door thunks shut and the bolts clank, he says, “What the fuck you looking at, fagboy?”

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Usage notesEdit

Often used as a diminutive of fag or faggot, particularly for a very young effeminate or homosexual boy as a taunt or observation of gayface and perceived sexuality.