English edit

Etymology 1 edit

fancy (verb) +‎ -er

Noun edit

fancier (plural fanciers)

  1. One who fancies; a person with a special interest, attraction or liking for something.
    Synonym: aficionado
    She's definitely a cat fancier: she has nine of them in her home and the walls are covered with pictures of more.
    • 1956, Popular Gardening and Living Outdoors, volume 7, page 59:
      Even so, most lily fanciers would rather have a colony of goldbands than any other species or hybrids in existence.
  2. A person who breeds or grows a particular animal or plant for points of excellence.
  3. One who fancies or imagines.

Etymology 2 edit

fancy (adjective) +‎ -er

Adjective edit


  1. comparative form of fancy: more fancy

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