Etymology 1Edit

From feast +‎ -ful.


feastful (comparative more feastful, superlative most feastful)

  1. Festive; joyful; sumptuous; luxurious.
    feastful rites

Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

feast +‎ -ful


feastful (plural feastfuls)

  1. Enough for a feast.
    • 1977, Fernando C. Trecero, Grandfather's Incredible Tales, page 29:
      Now they were on their way home, one bitter for not being able to bag a sure feastful of pork, the other holding his side in apparent pain.
  2. A wide selection.
    • 1986, Alan Moore, Opia, page 19:
      The room is a feastful of firework light, tinsel weeds.
    • 1998, Peter Greenaway, 100 Allegories to Represent the World, page 237:
      All worthwhile games have a feastful of elaborations.