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From feel +‎ -ness, or perhaps continuing Middle English fēlnes (perception), from Old English ġefēlnes (sensitivity; feeling).


feelness (uncountable)

  1. The state, condition, or quality of feeling; perception; sensitivity
    • 1969, Sue Grafton, The Lolly-Madonna War: A Novel - Page 96:
      You know that much and you also feel the feelness of your own hand. Now that's hard to say any other way. You know what you feel and you know that it's you feelin' inside your own hand and arm.
    • 1995, IJRM - Volume 12 - Page 200:
      Within the group of low involvement "feel" products the following 10 were retained (in descending order of "feelness"): birthday cards, indoor plants, liquor, sun-glasses, pilsner beer, pralines, port, potato crisps, cookies, chocolate.
    • 2003, Dale Cathell, From Lands Over:
      Took reality further, beyond the realness, feelness of things.