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  1. present participle of fib


fibbing (plural fibbings)

  1. (archaic, boxing) Repeatedly striking an opponent's head while holding them in a headlock; a pummelling; a drubbing; a beating.
    • 1837, Barham, Richard Harris, The Ghost:
      And so did Nick, whom sometimes there would come on / A sort of fear his spouse might knock his head off, / Demolish half his teeth, or drive a rib in, / She shone so much in 'facers' and in 'fibbing.'
    • 1852, Thackeray, William Makepeace, “The Fight at Slaughter House”, in Men's Wives, page 17:
      15th round. Chancery. Fibbing. Biggs makes dreadful work with his left. Break away. Rally. Biggs down. Betting still six to four on the gown-boy.