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From fizika (physics) +‎ -āls. Probably not derived as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from another European language.


fizikāls (definite fizikālais, comparative fizikālāks, superlative visfizikālākais, adverb fizikāli)

  1. physical (relating to the science of physics)
    fizikālie instrumentiphysical instruments, tools
    fizikālie pētījumiphysical studies, research
    fizikālā ķīmijaphysical chemistry
  2. physical (relating to the general properties of matter and motion)
    vielas fizikālās īpašībasthe physical properties of a substance
    fizikālā atmosfēraphysical atmosphere (unity of pressure, c. 760mmHg)
    fizikālā terapijaphysical therapy


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