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fladry (countable and uncountable, plural fladries)

  1. A string of flags (usually red) used to demarcate boundaries that contain wildlife such as wolves, and deter them from crossing.
    • 2010, Chadwick, Douglas H., Wolf Wars, National Geographic (March 2010), page #:41
      To visually warn wolves away from other pastures, Brown sometimes turns to the old European technique called fladry, stringing wire with bright flags along its length.
    • 2005, People and Wildlife: Conflict Or Co-existence?, by Rosie Woodroffe, Simon J. Thirgood, Alan Rabinowitz; page 62:
      Fladries, brightly coloured flags sewn on ropes (Fladry: Table 4.3), have been used for hunting wolves (Canis lupus) in Europe for centuries. Most wolves fear fladries and rarely cross such barriers.