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for that

  1. (archaic) Because.
    • 1678, John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress:
      At this his relations were sore amazed; not for that they believed that what he had said to them was true, but because they thought that some frenzy distemper had got into his head; therefore, it drawing towards night, and they hoping that sleep might settle his brains, with all haste they got him to bed.
    • 1813, Thomas Bayly Howell, “The Trial in Ejectment between Campbell Craig, Lessee of James Annesley, esq. and others, Plaintiff; and the Right Hon. Richard Earl of Anglesea, Defendant, A.D. 1743”, in A Complete Collection of State Trials, volume 17, page 1185:
      Being desired to name some other persons for whom he made shoes; says, he made shoes for madam Loftus, (and named several others) and added, that he had custom enough, for that he made shoes for the troop.

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