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Old EnglishEdit


From for- +‎ drenċan.




  1. To get someone drunk; to make inebriated.
    • late 10th century, Ælfric, the Old English Hexateuch, Genesis 19:31-32
      Þā cwæþ sēo ieldre dohtor tō hiere ġingran sweostor, "Ūre fæder is eald mann, and nān ōðer wer ne belāf on ealre eorðan þe unc mæġe habban. Uton fordrenċan ūre fæder fǣrlīċe mid wīne and uton liċġan mid him, þæt sumu lāf bēo his cynnes."
      Then the older daughter said to her younger sister, "Our father is an old man, and there's no other men left in the world who can have us. Let's get him drunk on wine and sleep with him, so his family line can survive."



  • Middle English: fordrenchen