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From Middle English drunke, drunken, ydrunke, ydrunken, from Old English druncen, ġedruncen (drunk), from Proto-Germanic *drunkanaz, *gadrunkanaz (drunk; drunken), past participle of Proto-Germanic *drinkaną (to drink). Cognate with Saterland Frisian dronken, West Frisian dronken, Dutch dronken, gedronken, German Low German drunken, bedrunken, German getrunken, betrunken, Swedish drucken, Icelandic drukkinn.



drunk (comparative drunker, superlative drunkest)

  1. Intoxicated as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, usually by drinking alcoholic beverages.
  2. Habitually or frequently in a state of intoxication.
  3. (usually followed by with or on) Elated or emboldened.
    Drunk with power he immediately ordered a management reshuffle.
    • Macaulay
      drunk with recent prosperity
  4. Drenched or saturated with moisture or liquid.
    • Bible, Deuteronomy xxxii. 42
      I will make mine arrows drunk with blood.


  • (intoxicated from alcohol): For semantic relationships of this term, see drunk in the Thesaurus.
  • (habitually of frequently intoxicated from alcohol):
  • (saturated with moisture): For semantic relationships of this term, see wet in the Thesaurus.

Derived termsEdit



drunk (plural drunks)

  1. One who is intoxicated with alcohol.
  2. A habitual drinker, especially one who is frequently intoxicated.
    • 1971, William S. Burroughs, The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead, page 10:
      Another drunk is sleeping in dangerous proximity to a brush fire.
  3. A drinking-bout; a period of drunkenness.
    • 1858, "A Scarcity of Jurors—Cangemi's Third Trial," New York Times, 8 Jun., p. 4:
      Gen. G. had been on a long drunk from July last until Christmas.
  4. A drunken state.
    • 2006, Patrick McCabe, Winterwood, Bloomsbury 2007, p. 10:
      Here – help yourself to another drop there, Redmond! By the time we've got a good drunk on us there'll be more crack in this valley than the night I pissed on the electric fence!


Derived termsEdit




  1. past participle of drink
  2. (Southern US) simple past tense of drink