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From fore- +‎ shape.


foreshape (third-person singular simple present foreshapes, present participle foreshaping, simple past and past participle foreshaped)

  1. (transitive) To shape or mould beforehand; prepare in advance.
    • 1867, The British controversialist and literary magazine - Page 403:
      Thought forecasts and foreshapes experiment, and traces out the consequences as they arise, comparing them with the sharp directness of its expectations.
    • 1998, J. Melvin Woody, Freedom's Embrace - Page 79:
      What the self is to become thereby ceases to be a fate that haunts it or lies ambuscaded in its circumstances, for the self can foreshape its own career and reality.
    • 2002, Bridget Boardman, Poems of Francis Thompson - Page 80:
      Thou canst foreshape thy word; The poet is not lord []


foreshape (plural not attested)

  1. A forward or projecting form, piece, or shape.
    • 1982, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Patents, Volume 1018, Issue 1 - Page 158:
      [...] wherein this component means is in the form of a module, structurally comprises the forward nose portion of said weapon, and has a lenticular cross section with a foreshape conforming to a Sears-Haack half-body profile of least drag in width and thickness, [...]