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forged (not comparable)

  1. Fake (as documents); falsified.
    • 2013 January, Brian Hayes, “Father of Fractals”, in American Scientist[1], volume 101, number 1, page 62:
      Toward the end of the war, Benoit was sent off on his own with forged papers; he wound up working as a horse groom at a chalet in the Loire valley. Mandelbrot describes this harrowing youth with great sangfroid.
    Forged identification documents were used to enter the building.
  2. Fabricated by forging or at a forge, by working hot metal
    The blacksmith made an expertly forged horseshoe by beating the red hot metal with his hammer.

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  1. past participle of forge. To force forward against opposition.
    He forged forward against the current, even as it tried to sweep him down river.

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