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Verb edit

fork over (third-person singular simple present forks over, present participle forking over, simple past and past participle forked over)

  1. To turn over (soil, hay, etc.) with a gardening fork.
    I forked over half the allotment this morning.
  2. (idiomatic, US) To pay (implies lots of money).
    Hundreds of spectators forked over the 70 bucks for tickets.
    • 2012 August 5, Nathan Rabin, “TV: Review: THE SIMPSONS (CLASSIC): “I Love Lisa” (season 4, episode 15; originally aired 02/11/1993)”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1]:
      Valentine’s Day means different things for different people. For Homer, it means forking over a hundred dollars for a dusty box of chocolates at the Kwik-E-Mart after characteristically forgetting the holiday yet again. For Ned, it’s another opportunity to prove his love for his wife. Most germane to the episode, for Lisa, Valentine’s Day means being the only person in her entire class to give Ralph a Valentine after noticing him looking crestfallen and alone at his desk.

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