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  1. simple past and past participle of fortify

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Noun edit

fortified (plural fortifieds)

  1. A fortified wine.
    • 2012, Barbara Santich, Bold Palates: Australia's Gastronomic Heritage, page 136:
      In 1969 output of table wines exceeded that of fortifieds for the first time, and by 1973 more than twice as much table wine as fortified was being produced.

Adjective edit

fortified (comparative more fortified, superlative most fortified)

  1. Having strong defenses.
    • 1858, James Carter, Six Sermons, more or less bearing on the application of Christian principles to the circumstances of the present age, etc, page 37:
      Every day he becomes stronger against evil, and more fortified against temptation.
    • 2019, Raj Behera, Pink Conch:
      Similarly, this material world, the universe, is covered by seven layers, and one layer, the first layer is there, and the second layer is ten times thicker than the first layer. the third layer is ten times thicker than the second layer. In this way, this universe is covered tightly, very fortified.
    • 2014, Phillip C. Schaefer, Dartmouth Veterans: Vietnam Perspectives, page 63:
      The DMZ was and is very fortified, probably as fortified as any border in the world.

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